The Peace NFTS
by Stuart Robertson

A powerful and moving collection of photos taken over ten years and seven continents by award-winning photographer Stuart Robertson.

Aarish Varanasi
Andra Andra
Anne London
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The Peace Project

When Stuart Robertson first placed the White Rose in the hands of his first subject, he didn’t realize the incredible journey he had begun. Ten years and thousand of photos later, the Peace Project continues today and The Peace NFTs allow you to being collecting unreleased One of One photos from this amazing project. From indigenous tribes to religious figures, from remote villagers to hollywood celebrities, Peace brings people together.

A Global Journey

Stuart traveled to every continent to shoot the Peace images, visiting small villages, remote islands, desolate ice scapes, palaces and celebrity hideaways.

Leica Photography

Photographed with rugged Leica cameras, Stuart’s awards soon earned him a place as a Leica Ambassador. Each photo captures the spirit of the subject and their connection to the rose.

The White Rose

Each photo features a solitary person holding the same White Rose in their hands forming a heart shaped symbol of peace and love for mankind.

An Epic Project highlighting our innate desire for Peace
Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu
Citar Capetown
Danny Devito

The Photographer

Stuart Robertson has dedicated his life and art to documenting the connections between all of us. Learn more about him below.

Stuart Robertson


Stuart Robertson (Stu) is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and producer from New Zealand. Robertson started his career as an entertainer on TVNZ and on stage as a pickpocket, magician and comedian. His love for photography started at an early age shooting landscapes and portraits of local people. As his abilities grew, he began to explore ways to incorporate other media and messages into his work. When he happened across white rose in a shop, an idea sparked and he found the posing of holding the white rose in two open hands to have powerful symbolism, the gesture being instantly recognizable and universal. Others began asking to pose with the rose and before he knew it, the Peace Project was born.

Funds earned by Robertson have gone to a wide variety of peace related charitable projects, all of them real world and tangible including providing water and food resources for impoverished villages, education and funds for struggling families and much more.

Robertson has been award numerous honors and was commissioned by the Auckland War Memorial Museum to create a film for International Day of Peace. His work can be seen in galleries around the world.

Stuart Robertson

Father Michael Lapsley
Hans Zimmer
His Holiness

Hands Holding


Unreleased Images


Years in the Making


Continents Visited


The Road Map

The Peace NFTs project will be debuting previously unreleased stunning photographs from the The Peace collection over a series of five drops this year. The Road Map below will be regularly updated with the latest information so that you don’t miss out.


The Peace Project Begins

Stuart Robertson begins traveling to collect images of Peace around the world.


First Gallery Show

The Peace Collection appears in its first Gallery Show

Q2 2022

First Peace NFT Series Drops

100 Unreleased Photos + 1 Special Hero Image

Q2 2022

Peace NFT Metaverse Gallery Exhibit

Q2 2022

Physical Prints Delivered

For the Special Hero image and any NFT holders wishing to order physical prints with proof of NFT ownership,.

Q3 2022

Second and Third Peace Series Drops

Q4 2022

Fourth and Fifth Peace Series Drop

Esther Mokumbu
Inmate Ona Mexico
Michael Crawford

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